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Rich Ramirez

"Stand-up comedian, Rich Ramirez shares his personal story of receiving his life-saving liver transplant"

In a video segment promoting eye, organ and tissue donation for The Eye-Bank, stand-up comedian, Rich Ramirez, gets some laughs off people-watching at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

On a more serious note he shares his personal story of needing and luckily receiving a life-saving liver transplant. Rich is very funny but is truly sincere in urging fellow New Yorkers to enroll to be donors in the Donate Life Registry.

Jerry Orbach

"Jerry Orbach gave his heart and soul to acting and the gift of sight to two New Yorkers."

Jerry Orbach, who during his lifetime appeared in many acting roles in both television and on the stage, was an eye donor when he died and as a result saved two people from blindness. He joins the tens of thousands of people who have left the gift of sight since The Eye-Bank was founded in 1944.

Jerry Orbach was a gifted actor and his greatest role was that of an eye donor. Years ago, Jerry decided to donate his eyes. When he passed away, he left behind the beautiful gift of sight. Sign up to be an eye donor. Do it today.

Chris & Vanessa Williams

"Our dad gave his love of music to 10,000 students and the gift of sight to one New Yorker."

The Eye-Bank’s most recent ad campaign, popular actress and singer Vanessa Williams and her brother, talented actor Chris Williams share how during his life, their father gave his love of music to thousands of students and when he passed away he gave the gift of sight to one New Yorker. Their father, Milton Williams, was a highly-respected musician and teacher for many years and the Williams family is proud of the generous gift he left through eye donation/

Milton Williams was a gifted music teacher for over 43 years, right here in New York. And his greatest lesson was that of being an eye donor. When he passed away, he gave the beautiful gift of sight. It only takes a minute to sign up to be an eye donor. Do it today.

James E. Davis

"James E. Davis was a passionate visionary who gave the gift of sight to two New Yorkers."

New York City Councilman James Davis, who represented the 35th District in Brooklyn, became a cornea donor after he was fatally shot in City Hall on July 23, 2003.

As a peace activist, police officer, and city councilman, James Davis encouraged New Yorkers to “Love Yourself & Stop the Violence.” When he tragically passed away, he left behind the beautiful gift of sight as an eye donor. Sign up to become a donor when you get your new driver’s license. It only takes a minute.
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The public service campaign throughout the New York area is part of The Eye-Bank's public education program to reach the community and increase awareness about this urgent need for eye donors.

Almost anyone can be an eye donor. Even people who wear glasses. Enroll today to be an eye, organ and tissue donor. See what your eyes can do for others.

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